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We are getting a lot of calls and people stopping in that are interest in shuttle service.  Deep Hole is the at the beginning of the canoe trail (about 12 miles one way) - that Shuttle is $45 -  we can ride with you and bring your vehicle back to your take out or we can load your equipment onto ours and go from there.  The shuttle from our location up to Sandy Bottom or off of Dial Road is $25 - which is our minimum shuttle.  (see rental schedule which includes the minimum shuttle)  Drop ins without advance notice is okay but it does help if we can know in advance what your plans will be so we can schedule personnel to help ensure we meet your needs.  You might want to check out other information about the canoe trail on   -  We are in the Chattahoochee National Forest -  there are two good articles.  One is on the Toccoa River Canoe Trail and the other is on Toccoa River Floating, Rafting and Boating Considerations.  They also have maps you can review and order on line that might be helpful.   Our first put in is at 10:00 A.M and the last is 4:00 P. M.  each day.

Fishing - Enjoy exclusive river trips and other guided tours, complete with canoe rentals, from our experienced guides in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Guided Tours

  • Starts at $50 up to $200 per day depending on which guide is assigned to your trip.
  • Call for quote and to discuss what serviceds are needed.

Equipment Rental: Fishing Poles & Tackle - plus we have bait available

Unguided Canoe Rental Prices:

  • Half-Day—$60
  • Full Day—$100
                       Kayaks -  rentals are $60 per boat

All Rentals include : Life Jackets, Paddles, & Equipment


Call us to book a reservation for our guided tours, fishing, and river trips.

Hours of Operation:
10 a.m.–5 p.m.
 Sunday 10:00 - 2:00