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We have kayaks or canoes that can fit almost any need.  From - sit on top to sit ins kayaks - that can handle various weight needs.  We book trips for the upper Toccoa which are generally two hours but can be adapted to the amount of time you want to spend on the river.  You can put in at Deep Hole which is the start of the Toccoa Canoe Trail and come out at Sandy Bottom - this would be a full day adventure.  Some of the real hardy paddlers like to camp at Deep Hole and go the full trail.  The good part is that we can customize where we put you in and where we take you off the river to fit the time that you want to spend and the type of adventure you want to have.   Don't forget about the beautiful Blue Ridge Lake area too.  We are putting equipment in some of the cove area which makes a great paddle trip.  You are away from the wake of the boat traffic and it allows a paddle accross the lake or back to the mouth of the river.   The key is that we will customize to fit your time and interest.   Contact us to get started!

Fishing - Enjoy exclusive river trips and other guided tours, complete with canoe rentals, from our experienced guides in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Guided Tours

  • Call for pricing
  • Call for pricing

Equipment Rental: Fishing Poles & Tackle available

We will have bait and ice available for purchase

Unguided Canoe Rental Prices:

  • Half-Day—$60
  • Full Day—$100
               Kayaks -  sit in's and sit on tops start at Sixty Dollars Per Boat

All Rentals include: Life Jackets, Paddles, & All Equipment

and the minimum shuttle which is Vanzandts to Sandy Bottom - there is an extra shuttle fee for other locations.

Call us to book a reservation for our guided tours, fishing, and river trips.

Hours of Operation:
10 a.m.–5 p.m.
 Sunday 10:00 - 2:00